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    Stuart Gwilliam the Bidston Plant Manager said.

    “We have been using the Stackabloc blocks for some time now on site. We have dismantled and reconfigured them a few times. The blocks are very versatile. We use the Stackablocs because they are extremely robust and our plant does give them a hard time”

    If you have a similar challenge to Stuart, Blocks Walls may have the solution.

    Block Walls Carbon Footprint


    Each block saves 105kg of carbon due to using recycled material. This is equivalent to an average car journey of 262 miles

    Block Walls operate to ISO 9001 2008 quality standards and has won various prestigious environmental awards.

    Green Concrete Blocks

  • Recycled Concrete Blocks Help Build Veolia Recycling Centre


    Blockwalls supports the circular economy by manufacturing concrete blocks from waste streams then using the blocks for segregation bays


    Veolia is a global organisation employing 187,000 worldwide who are tasked with contributing directly to the sustainability performance of customers in the public and private sectors. In the UK Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials.

    Block Walls is experimenting with a process to convert glass bottles into aggregate that can be used to manufacture concrete blocks. The idea is to use recycled glass from Veolia depots, turn it into aggregate and manufacture concrete segregation blocks that can be used within Veolia plants. This saves the waste going to landfill, therefore assisting the circular economy. A win-win for Veolia and Block Walls.


    As a responsible employer Veolia endeavours to protect and care for the welfare and development of their employees so required a sustainable, practical and safe solution for their waste storage bays at the Bidston Recycling Centre on the Wirral. With a twenty-year Waste Management and Recycling Contract worth £640 million for Merseyside and the Halton region alone. The solution requires a block that is capable to withstand a relentless hammering of the heavy duty loaders that move waste materials from one area to another.

    Block Walls support two of Veolia’s Risk Management Values, namely:

    Striving for outstanding health and safety performance in the work place.

    Identifying and limiting industrial and environmental on-site risks.


    Over 200 Stackabloc blocks were delivered and installed in a LEGO style configuration saving valuable build time. Each block weighs over 1,000 KG and is made from eco-mix concrete consisting of 87% recycled materials. The interlocking design and overall weight of the blocks provide a robust and solid bay designed to take the constant impact and pressure exerted from heavy plant.

    From a health and safety perspective the Stackabloc bay has provided a solid and reliable solution, helping keep the site organised. Veolia Bidston’s Manager of Operations Stuart Gwilliam commented “The Block Wall solution has a solid, robust and practical design that will sustain the daily pounding of many tonnes of waste a day being unloaded, compacted and rotated and will last for years to come.” He added “The simple interlocking design meant the heavyweight Stackablocs  could be installed quickly and easily, and form a sturdy U shaped bay to store separated household waste.”



Working in partnership with recycling businesses.

We come from the recycling and civil engineering sectors and have invested in the development of advanced concrete technology.

The Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, which became effective in January 2015 means recycling depots must ensure proper segregation of waste streams prior to treatment or disposal.

Block Walls are the ideal solution for waste management operators who are seeking cost effective solutions to properly manage their storage obligations.


You send us a basic description or drawing of the area you need to construct and a description of the operation. We will do the rest.


1. Our design team will establish which specification will best fit your environment and calculate the number of blocks required to do the job

2. We quote, you order, we make

3. We deliver


Virtacloc, Design servicesWe offer a full design service from simply working out how many blocks you require for your project to full design including drawings and calculations.

Our full design service can include:

  • Planning applications
  • Structural engineering design and calculations
  • 2D and 3D CAD drawings and BIM models
  • Building regulation applications
  • Full project management services

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Call today and tell us about your project. We can then design it and give you the quantities of blocks you require together with a quotation. We supply all the method and risk assessments and COSHH data sheets for installation. Opening hours from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays).

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