Transport Industry

Transport Industry Building Projects

Transport IndustryConcrete Lego blocks have many uses for ports, rail, road haulage, and air transport.

Large material bays can be constructed for bulk material storage in ports, rail, air and road hubs. Materials can be separated and contained for mass handling by large machines.

The blocks can also be used for traffic management, safety and security.

Transport Solutions

  • Bulk Material Bays – Material segregation for bulk handeling
  • Fire protection walls – Concrete is fire proof and walls can be build to separate hazardous and inflatable materials from other materials
  • Site security barriers
  • Traffic management barriers


We manufacture two types of blocks for the transport sector. Virtabloc and Stackabloc. Virtabloc can be used for site security, traffic management barriers and light duty material bays. Stackabloc can be used for heavy duty bulk material bays and fire protection walls. Click on the link below to learn more about each product.

  • Virtabloc
  • Stackabloc

Transport BlockWall Design

Our engineering team will help you design your transport project. We offer a full design package that includes 2D and 3D drawings and structural calculations. Our engineers are user friendly and will support you with your project. This service is FREE for non-structural projects. We will include a fee within our proposals for project requiring structural calculations.

You Can Use Them To Build

CALL 0800 880 3135

Call today and tell us about your project. We offer a full design service including 2D and 3D drawing, calculating the exact number of blocks including the provision of a proposal. We supply all the method and risk assessments and COSHH data sheets for installation. Opening hours from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday except bank holidays.

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