Potters Ballotini Case Study

  • Assistant Plant Manager Stuart Plews said

    “The Blockwalls solution just made sense from a design and cost perspective”. “The team at Blockwalls ensured everything went smoothly and we discussed lots of different sized blocks before agreeing on the 1500 x 600 block which is both strong and easy to manoeuvre with the lifting eyes. We’ve been extremely happy with the service and the quality of the blocks and will be speaking with Blockwalls again when future requirements arise for this type of solution”

    Block Walls Managing Director Bob Evans adds. “This project has demonstrated the flexibility of what is a simple idea. As a result we are exploring other applications for both our Virtablok and Stackabloc products and testing other waste streams such as glass and ash to produce a geopolymer concrete.”


    Block Walls Carbon Footprint


    Each block saves 105kg of carbon due to using recycled material. This is equivalent to an average car journey of 262 miles

    Block Walls operate to ISO 9001 2008 quality standards and has won various prestigious environmental awards.

    Green Concrete Blocks

  • Blockwalls Provide Concrete Lego Block Solution To Potters Cullet Bay Dilemma


    Virtabloc 1500 x 600 x 600 were used to build the bays. The walls were built straight from the wagon saving the customer money

    Potters is the largest producer worldwide of highway safety marking glass beads, metal finishing and polymer additives.

    With locations all over the world Potters recycles over one billion pounds of glass each year.


    Potters CulletWhen Potters approached us in 2015, it was to resolve a Cullet issue they had at one of their sites in the North East of England. The bays that were already in place were becoming old and no longer fit for purpose and Potters asked us to design some C shaped Bays to house their cullet on site.

    Firstly, a design was composed and communicated to the Group to demonstrate various ways in which they could house the Cullet going forward.

    After a couple of iterations and discussions with the client a final design was agreed upon and a delivery schedule was composed and agreed upon.


    The final block decided upon was a 1500x600x600 block with some smaller 900x600x600 blocks used to bond the wall together.

    Deliveries took place over a 4-week period in January and the team on site at Potters went to work constructing the Cullet Bays to give them a stronger and more sustainable storage facility.



Working in partnership with recycling businesses.

We come from the recycling and civil engineering sectors and have invested in the development of advanced concrete technology.

The Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012, which became effective in January 2015 means recycling depots must ensure proper segregation of waste streams prior to treatment or disposal.

Block Walls are the ideal solution for waste management operators who are seeking cost effective solutions to properly manage their storage obligations


You send us a basic description or drawing of the area you need to construct and a description of the operation. We will do the rest.


1. Our design team will establish which specification will best fit your environment and calculate the number of blocks required to do the job

2. We quote, you order, we make

3. We deliver


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