Concrete Block Walls

  • Fish Ladder Concrete Blocks

    Fish Ladder Concrete Blocks

    Fish Ladder Concrete Blocks Scotland has long-harnessed water energy through weirs and other structures. Although power is now largely sourced from other industries, many of the weirs still remain, preventing fish species such as salmon from migrating upstream to their natural spawning areas. Two abandoned weirs on the Avon Water in South Lanarkshire – Ferniegair […]

  • Gabion Basket v Concrete Blocks

    Gabion Basket v Concrete Blocks to Build Retaining Walls

    Gabion Basket v Concrete Blocks to Build Retaining Walls We are frequently asked what is the cost difference and benefits between the construction of a retaining wall using gabion baskets or concrete blocks. In a nutshell the differences are: Cost difference – Gabion baskets are more competitive to build Life span – Concrete blocks have […]

  • Flood Protection Design

    Flood Wall Design

    Flood Wall Design Good flood wall design is important. There are temporary flood protection walls that can be constructed during a flood as the flood water begins to rise. And there are permeant flood protection walls in areas that have a high risk of flooding. The design principles are much the same as we are dealing […]

  • Concrete Lego Blocks Price

    Concrete Lego Blocks Price

    Concrete Lego Blocks Price We thought we would give you an idea of how we price our block walls. Our concrete lego blocks price is determined using a few variables. Most clients ask for a price per block but this can be confusing as you are actually buying a wall. At BlockWalls we manufacture and […]

  • Interlocking Retaining Wall Blocks

    Interlocking Retaining Wall Blocks

     Interlocking Retaining Wall Blocks Before we talk about interlocking retaining wall blocks, let me show you how a retaining wall fails. Once we understand the concepts we can use interlocking retaining wall blocks to solve the problem. The image below shows the failure modes of a block retaining wall: There are five main failure modes. […]

  • Best Waste Management Blogs UK

    5 Of The Best Waste Management Blogs In The UK

    Waste Management Blogs UK   Here at Blockwalls, our Concrete Lego Block products are used across many industries, including Construction, Demolition, Flood Defence, Agriculture, and Transport to name but a few, however one of the biggest markets for our products over the past couple of years has been to the Waste Management and Recycling sector […]

  • shutterstock_96756310

    A Brief History of Precast Concrete

    We have spoken in the past about the differences between Traditional Concrete and Recycled Concrete, and the significant role Recycled Concrete can play in not only reducing Carbon Emissions, but creating a sustainable, greener alternative to more traditional methods of Concrete manufacture. In this blog we’ll take a look at just what Precast Concrete is, how […]

  • Concrete Lego Block Weight Dimensions

    Concrete Lego Block Weight Dimensions

    Concrete Lego Block Weight Dimensions As we have diversified our Product range for 2016 we felt it would be a good opportunity to now write a blog on the weight and dimensions of our Concrete Lego Blocks to give customers and potential customers a good indication of exact dimensions and weight of our blocks. This […]

  • 11780610-Human-handprint-in-old-weathered-concrete-floor-Stock-Photo-leave-impression

    6 Unusual Uses for Concrete Lego Blocks

    From time to time, we receive enquiries from potential clients in the UK asking whether our Concrete Lego Blocks would be suitable for their project. On the whole they are generally straightforward, however from time to time we receive enquiries that astound and intrigue us at the same time. Based on this, we have written […]