December 2015

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  • Flood Defence

    Why Is The UK Suffering So Much, When Billions Are Being Spent On Flood Defence?

    Recent Floods The floods in Cumbria and surrounding areas recently has brought out the best in people’s human nature and good will, however it has also raised a number of questions about Britain’s flood defences and whether they are fit for purpose. Many commentators have discussed the human catastrophe, the loss and anguish, residents and […]

  • hiab 4 (3)

    5 Quick Tips On Fitting Concrete Lego Blocks

      In previous blogs, we’ve covered the benefits of Concrete Lego Blocks, things to consider before purchasing them and why you should be using them, however one aspect we haven’t covered yet is about how the blocks should be unloaded, moved and fitted.  In response, we’ve put together this quick tip sheet for anyone considering […]