Inclined Block Retaining Wall

  • Inclined Block Retaining Wall

    An inclinded block retaining wall is the most economical solution as it uses the inclinded blocks and gravity to add resistance to the forces trying to push the wall over.

    For example in the cost index within the design table it can be noted that a 4m inclined block wall is 100 compared to 125 for a similar gravity block retaining wall. The reinforced wall is a similar cost but when earth works are then considered, the inclined wall will be more ecconomical.

    Building an Inclined Block Retaining Wall

    To construct the wall a tapered foundation at the inclined angle is cast.

    The foundation requires a single layer of reinforcement as indicated in the design table.

    Single courses of blocks are laid and the retained material is then placed to support the block and compacted.

    We can provide full installation method and risk assessments on request.

    The kicker stops the block from slipping during compaction.

    The interlocking buttons then stop slip as the wall is constructed and compacted at each cource.

    The top layer of blocks can be supplied with a flat or sloping top as required.

  • Inclined Retaining Block Wall

Inclinded Block Wall Design Table

Inclined Block Retaining Walls

The design table above presents indicative designs based upon a base material with allowable bearing pressure of >200kPa.

The retained material is assumed to be well graded, granular backfill with back of wall drainage or weep holes to relieve hydrostatic pressure.

All indicative information presented in this table is based upon assumed loading and ground conditions and may be subject to change following detailed, site specific design.

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