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The number of possibilities on how to use concrete lego blocks is determined by your imagination. We love our work here at BlockWalls because it’s just like being a child again making things with plastic bricks. We thought we would share a few ideas and projects we have been working on that may help you to use your imagination for your project. We hope you find inspiration from our concrete lego block ideas.


  • Cross Rail London

    A customer working on the Crossrail project in London contacted us to provide blocks to construct a piling mat at the Tottenham Court Road site.

    Tottenham Court Road is benefiting from more than £1bn of investment towards a new station on the Elizabeth line, and a Tube station that will be rebuilt by the end of 2016.

    The existing building on the site are being demolished. Piling is then to be carried out to stabilise the existing structures and to build the station.

    There was a risk of the piling machinery slipage and cause a major incident. The risk was designed out by constructing a piling mat foundation 1.8m wide x 3m high x 60m long

    The wall was built using Virtabloc 1800 x 600 x 600 blocks.

    The ground behind the wall was then back filled and a concrete slab cast over the top.

    The image below shows the first part of the wall being built.

    Piling Mat

  • Piling Matt

Piling Mat

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  • Inclined Gravity Retaining Wall
    River Bank Protection Walls


  • River Bank Erosion

    Gravity, inclined and reinforced block retaining walls can all be used for river bank erosion and protection..

    Concrete lego block construction is fast and simple.

River Bank Protection

  • Flood Defence Wall

    Flood defence walls built using concrete lego blocks are an economical solution for flood defence.

    The flood defence wall in the sketch to the right is constructed from two, 300mm Wallbloc walls with 300mm of cavity concrete.

    This design delivers the mass to hold back the forces of the flood water and stops water flow through the block joints. Formwork is not required for this type of construction and it’s swift to erect in low lying areas.

  • Water Proof Cavity Wall
    Flood Defence Wall



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  • Reinforced Block Wall
    Sea Wall


  • Sea Walls

    Sea walls need to be strong and capable of taking large sea storm forces. Reinforced concrete lego blocks are ideal for fast track, economical and strong walls. Design life span is estimated up to 150 years with the correct material specifications. Wall can de design and built for:

    • Sea Walls
    • Quay walls
    • Harbour walls
    • Piers
    • Breakwaters
    • Dock Walls

Dock Walls

  • River Wall Manchester

    An existing retaining wall constructed from oil drums filled with concrete failed along a river bank in Manchester.

    The wall was 5m high. Our solution was to construct a retaining wall with our reinforced block wall.

    This solution uses less blocks and has excellent structural characteristics.

    A wall can be build up to 6.4m high as standard specification.

    The solution was to build a reinforced wall using our Stackbloc R blocks

  • Reinforced Block Wall
    Reinforced Block Wall Patent Pending


River Wall Manchester

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  • Reinforced Earth Wall
    Reinforced Earth Block Wall


  • Portland Port

    The client requirement to construct a new hard standing wall to store cargo for a new shipping contract. The available land was on an inclined plane.

    Portland Port was looking for an alternative sustainable design to address their needs. We provided a bespoke-engineered solution for a reinforced earth wall using our blocks.

    The foundation followed the slope of the ground in steps. The wall height went from 5m to 1.8 m.

    The geo mat was designed from lengths of 5m to 2m depending of the wall height.

Earth Works

  • Gravity Retaining Walls

    Gravity retaining walls are a basic design and rely on the mass of the wall to retain the earth behind.

    As a general rule an economical gravity  retaining walls from 600mm high to 4m high can be built swiftly and easily.

    Gravity retaining walls are very easy to build. We provide a lift lug in the centre of the block for simple construction. We supply two block sizes 600 and 800mm wide. Download our retaining wall design and build guide for more information.


  • Gravity Retaining Wall
    Gravity Retaining Wall


Concrete Lego Block Ideas, Retaining Wall BlockWalls

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  • Stackaboc 1600 x 800 x 800 Blocks
    Fish Ladder


  • Fish Ladder

    A consulting engineer called us to see if our blocks could be used to construct two fish ladders in Scotland. From the engineers topographical and design concept drawings we produced a 3D drawing for clarity.

    Our 1600 x 800 x 800 Stackablocs where selected for the project using coloured concrete so they blended in with the background.

Fish Ladder

  • Shooting Range

    The managing director of Lingwood called one day and asked if we could build walls for a shooting range.

    We used our 300mm Wallbloc solution with 600mm Virtabloc walls for the main shooting walls.

    To make construction easy on site we scheduled the work in layers. Each layer was transported on a load as per the design to construct layer wise. Thus, achieving a build within a short deadline.

  • Wallbloc 300mm
    Shooting Range


Construction Site

  • Court Built with 300mm Wallbloc
    Eton Five Court


  • Eton Five Court

    A customer wanted a quick and economical method to build modular Eton Five Courts in the UK.

    They had built them traditionally in the past but the cost was prohibitive.

    We designed various modular scenarios that are fast and economical to build.

Eton Five Courts

Your Project


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